Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 2021

Unduh Soal & Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 2021 Tahun Pelajaran 2021/2022 - Setiap selesai mempelajari satu kompetensi dasar, siswa diuji melalui beragam bentuk soal evaluasi untuk mengetahui kompetensi pengetahuan yang dimilikinya setelah mempelajari materi yang diberikan oleh guru.

Untuk membantu adik-adik kelas XI dalam belajar, Bank Soal menyediakan Soal & Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester Gasal Tahun 2021/2022.

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1. Rahayu : I think our city is very cool at the moment.
Sarmila : I don’t think so .... Our city is very hot.
The right expression to complete the dialog is ….
A. I am thinking of
B. In my opinion
C. I know it
D. Yes, that’s right
E. Good Job

This dialog is for questions number 2, 3, 4!
Budi : Guys, (2)…. about the social media?
Agus : I think social media is a waste of time. It makes the students become lazy to study because they are very addictive.
Clara  : I am afraid that I could not agree with that. I think that as far as we use it properly and wisely, social media is a good source of knowledge.
Budi : I agree with you.

2. The best expression to complete dialog is ….
A. What is your opinion
B. I agree with you
C. I don’t think so
D. Do you know
E. I am thinking

3. “I think that as far as we use it properly….”. The sentence is the expression of ….
A. Asking for help
B. Giving help
C. Agreement
D. Asking opinion
E. Giving opinion

4. Who is agree with Clara’s opinion?
A. Agus
B. Budi
C. Agus and Budi
D. Clara
E. None of them

Read the dialog and Answer the questions number 5 – 7!
Andika : what do you think about our new classroom, Gading?
Gading : I think it is very messy. The pictures and furniture are not arrange properly. The dust is also everywhere. 
Andika : I agree with you. It is not comfortable to stay in messy classroom. Let’s clean it now, shall we?

5. The sentence “what do you think about our new classroom” is the expression of ….
A. Asking opinion
B. Giving opinion
C. Agreement
D. Disagreement
E. Offering help

6. “I think it is very messy”. The sentence expresses ….
A. Ability
B. Help
C. Opinion
D. Attention
E. Obligation

7. Where did the dialogue take place?
A. In the canteen
B. In the library
C. In the school hall
D. In the mosque
E. In the classroom

Conversation for number 8-10!
Umama : look at the new student there. She is reading some books.
Hanana : yes, I see her. She always greet people who pass in front of her.
Umama : what do you mind about her, Nan?
Hanana  : I think she is smart and friendly.
Umama  : yes, that’s right. She looks very interesting. Let’s make friend with her.

8. What does Umama say to ask Hanana’s opinion about new student?
A. What do you do about her?
B. What do you mind about her Nan?
C. Look at the new student there
D. Yes, that’s right. She looks  interesting
E. I think she is smart and friendly

9. “I think she is smart and friendly”. The sentence show the expression of ….
A. Asking opinion
B. Asking for help
C. Giving opinion
D. Giving a praise
E. Offering help

10. “I think she is smart and friendly”. The word “smart” is has similar meaning with ….
A. Brainless 
B. Fully
C. Dull 
D. unintellegent 
E. Intellegent

11. Roni : What should we do for our group project? 
You : ..........
A. I don't think so.
B. I think we should do a small presentation.
C. I doubt that.
D. Are you sure?
E. Why do you think so?

12.Jade : What do you think of my drawing?
Rose : It's amazing, but I think you should erase the scribbles over here. 
Jade : Thank you so much for your opinon, Rose!
Rose : My pleasure.
From the dialogue above, Rose is...
A. asking for attention
B. asking a question
C. giving an opinion
D. giving help
E. asking for help

13. Doni: ... our English class is very boring.
Tito : I think so too. The teacher should use more English games to make it fun.
A. I agree
B. I think
C. I don't like it
D. I disagree.
E. I'm not sure

14. Caller : Hello ….?
Nita : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?
Caller : All right. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please
B. Can I take a message from you
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please
D. Would you like to call him again
E. Who is speaking, Please?

15. Reservation clerk : Elang Persada Airlines, good morning. May I help you?
Arya Pamungkas : Yes, Tuesday  afternoon?
Reservation clerk        : One moment, please…. Yes, there's a flight at 4:45 p.m. and one at 6:00 p.m.
A. Do you have any flights to Pontianak
B. I'd like to reserve a room
C. Could you tell me how much a return flight costs?
D. You had reserved double rooms
E. I need some information about room

16. Operator : Pemalang Hotel. Can I help you?
Chandra : Good morning, . . . 
Operator         : I’m sorry he’s out now. May I have your name, please?
Chandra     : This is Chandra.
A. I want to see Mr.Andi.
B. Can I help you Mr.Andi?
C. I would like to meet Mr.Andi, please
D. Could you put me through to Mr.Andi, please?
E. I am sorry disturbing you

17.Fino       : Hello, am I calling Chriss Cake and Bread Cilacap?
Waiter    : yes, this is Chriss Cake and Bread Cilacap. ….?
Fino        : Yes, I am Fino. I would like to check my birthday cake order. The order number is 100. Is the cake ready now?
Waiter   : Yes sir, your cake is ready
A. What can I do for you
B. My name is Fino
C. Would you like to order cake
D. Who is speaking
E. Can you speak clearly

18.Receptionist : The Emerald office. Good morning
Ayu                 : Good morning. Can I speak to Mr. Johan, please?
Receptionist         : …. Can I take a message?
A. Yes, just a moment 
B. Would you like to leave a message?
C. I’m sorry. He is not here at the moment
D. I’ll call back later
E. Yes, hold the line please

19. Caller         : Hello, I am Jessica, May I speak to Edward please?
Receptionist : I am sorry, I don’t catch your name. ….?
Caller : it is J-E-S-S-I-C-A
Receptionist : okay, noted
A. Who I talking to
B. Who are you
C. Can I write your name
D. Please call me back
E. Could you spell your name

Read the conversation bellow and answer the questions number 20 – 24!
Vidy    : Hello. Is this Sinta?
Barnie  : I am sorry. You called the wrong number. Sinta is my sister.
Vidy    : Sorry, but she gave this number yesterday. She said to call her to this number. Her card is out of order.
Barnie  : It’s ok. But, Sinta is not at home. Do you want to leave any message?
Vidy    : Yes. Please tell her to come to my birthday party tomorrow at Horison hotel.
Barnie  : Ok. Will tell her.
Vidy    : Thank you    
Barnie  : You are welcome.

20. Who is Calling Sinta?
A. Barnie
B. Vidy
C. Horison Hotel
D. Sinta’s Sister
E. Vidy’s friend

21. Does Sinta answer the phone call?
A. Yes, she does
B. No, she doesn’t
C. Yes, she do
D. No, she don’t
E. Yes, it is

22. Who gave the number to Vidy?
A. Barnie
B. Vidy
C. Horison Hotel
D. Sinta’s Sister
E. Sinta

23. What is the relationship between Shinta and Vidy?
A. Family
B. Roomate
C. Friends
D. Enemy
E. Parents

24. Why did Vidy call Shinta?
A. To check Shinta’s number
B. To ask Sinta’s Sister
C. To invite Sinta
D. To introduce herself
E. To offer something

25. Arrange them into good sentence!
Said that – she – Miss Francis – for – will – be late – the meeting
  1     2          3   4 5     6 7
A. 3-1-5-6-2-4-7
B. 3-1-5-6-2-7-4
C. 3-1-2-5-6-4-7
D. 2-1-3-5-4-6-7
E. 2-1-3-6-5-4-7

26. Told – the security – had arrived – the package – two days – that – before – me 
  1        2     3    4           5 6 7 8
The best arrangement is ….
A. 4-1-8-6-2-3-5-7
B. 4-1-8-6-2-3-7-5
C. 2-8-1-6-4-3-5-7
D. 2-1-8-6-4-5-7-3
E. 2-1-8-6-4-3-5-7

27. Arrange them into good sentence! 
had sent – she – told – me – that – the email
1        2     3   4       5 6
A. 2-3-4-5-6-1
B. 2-3-4-5-1-6
C. 6-3-4-5-2-1
D. 6-3-4-5-1-2
E. 3-4-5-2-1-6

This picture is for questions number 28 and 29!

28. What is the event of the invitation above?
A. Grand Reunion class of 1999
B. Annual meeting of class 1999
C. 20th Partneship meeting
D. 20th Homeless aniversary
E. Anniversary of Crystalriver School

29. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To invite the students of 1999 come to the Grand Reunion
B. To ask students of 2019 to come to The Royal Orchad
C. To ask everyone come to the Grand Reunion
D. To celebrate the 20 years of  Crystalriver School
E. To make a party about 20th of Class 2019

For number 30-33!

30. What is the event of the invitation above?
A. A party
B. A meeting
C. An Inaguration
D. A funeral
E. A graduation

31. When will the inaguration be held?
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. at midnight
D. in the evening
E. at noon

32. Where will the inaguration be held?
A. In a hotel
B. In school hall
C. In a ballroom
D. Near the shopping center
E. Near the river

33. “Dress code : Black tie” it means ....
A. The students must come wearing black tie
B. The students must come in black suit
C. The students must come in black outfit
D. The students must come in formal suit
E. The students must come in batik dress

For questions number 34 – 35!

34. From the text we know that ....
A. The meeting will discuss about Multimedia room
B. Deswinta is the chairperson of the committee
C. The meeting is held in classroom
D. Paula is expected not to be late the meeting
E. Paula should give confirmation her attendance to Deswinta

35. “ See you there” the word “you” is refers to ....
A. Paula
B. Deswinta
C. Dellanta
D. Students of IX
E. Secretary

For number 36 – 37!

36. Why does the committee invite Mr. Hidayat?
A. Mr. Hidayat is important person
B. The exhibition will be held in the morning
C. Mr. Hidayat is the owner of Garuda Hall
D. The exhibition is about modern printing machines
E. Mr. Hidayat is the chairperson of the exhibition

37. From the text we can conclude that ….
A. The event will last for three day
B. Mr. Hidayat Putra will call Andien to inform his attendance
C. The exhibition will only be held in the morning at 10 a.m
D. The exhibition is about heavy duty machinery and truck
E. Ronaldino is the owner of Garuda Hall

Read the text and answer the questions 38 - 40!

38. The purpose of the text is to invite you ….
A. To attend Mr and Mrs Sembiring’s marriage
B. To unite Alice an Jeffry in a wedding party
C. To attend Alice and Jeffry’s wedding party
D. To marry with Mr and Mrs Sembiring
E. To celebrate the marriage of Mr and Mrs. Josep Sembiring

39. “…to share the joy of the marriage uniting their daughter….” The word “their” refers to ….
A. Alice Sembiring
B. Jeffry Sitorus
C. Mr and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring
D. Gajah Wong and Affandi
E. Alice Sembiring and Joseph

40. Which statement is TRUE based on text?
A. The party will be held on june 13th, 2008
B. Jeffry Sitorus is Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring’s son
C. The party will be sponsored by Gajah Wong Restaurant
D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring will celebrate their anniversary
E. Jl. Affandi is  the address of Alice Sembiring

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